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Do you repair all phones?

Our Mobile Med Tek technicians are certified to fix all cell phones from all carriers.

How long does a repair generally take?

For our local customers, service can usually be completed within 1-2  days. Customers who ship their devices can expect their device back between 2-5 business days. Once the damamged device is in our hands, our certified technician will diagnose and repair your device within 24 hours. Most units will be shipped back to customers the following day.

Do you really come out to the customers location?

Absolutely!  That is what Mobile Med Teks is all about.  Smart, fast & friendly same day services directly to you.

Can you replace the outer glass on my iPhone, iPod, iPad device?

Yes, we can have your iPhone, iPod, iPad device glass/digitizer replaced and in most cases we can fix it within an hour.

What is the warranty on your service?

Mobile Med Teks guarantees all repairs, parts and labor for 90 days. If you have any issues due to the repair within 90 days we will fix it at no charge.

I’ve tried to fix my phone myself and now it is worse than it was originally. Can you fix it?

Sure, call us and we’ll come out and we will diagnose and fix your device. Please, call us toll free at 877-329-8357.  Of if you live outside the Chicago Metro area, mail it in to us.  If you have questions on how to mail in your device, just give us a call.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to come in for repair?

Since we come out directly to you, yes you need to call us to schedule an appointment for us to come out and repair your phone or tablet.

If you fix my screen (glass and/or digitizer), am I going to lose my contacts, pictures, music etc.?

No, fixing the screen by either replacing glass and/or digitizer will not erase any data on your device.  However, we do strongly recommend that you back up your device before bringing it in for repair.

Will you test my phone to make sure nothing else is wrong with it?

Yes, we will do a complete diagnostic test on your device before and after the repair. We’ll notify you if any other issues are found during the test.

Do you offer discounts if I have more than one device to repair?

Yes, we will discount labor cost when you bring us more than one device. For more details, please call us at 877-329-8357.

Can Mobile Med Teks repair water damaged phones?

Depending on the amount of water damage.  We have an 85% success rate on repairng water damaged phones.

Can Mobile Med Teks repair any other kind of electronic device?

Yes! Not only can Mobile Med Teks repair all makes and models of cell phones, but we are also able to repair your  iTouch, iPads, tablets (both android and windows) and many more.

If I have a warranty on my device, and I receive a repair from Mobile Med Teks, will my warrently no longer be valid?

The damage your electronic device receives causes your warranty to no longer be valid.

What will happen if I do not wish to have my item repaired?

If you do not wish to have your item repaired by Mobile Med Teks, you can have Mobile Med Teks consider either buying it from you for parts, trading it in or recycling it if it is too badly damaged.

What are some brands you are capable of repairing?

Mobile Med Teks has only Cellular Master Technicians on staff who are fully capable of handing most repairs, including HTC repair, iPhone repair, Samsung repair, Blackberry repair, LG repair, tablet repair, iPad repair and many other brands!

Why should I trust Mobile Med Teks?

All of Mobile Med Teks’s repair parts comes brand new, straight from the factory. Mobile Med Teks also includes a 90 day warranty with their repairs with the exception of water damaged items. Mobile Med Teks has also become the largest and the most reputable direct to you cell phone repair company in the Chicagoland area!

How do I know what is wrong with my device?

Call us at 877-329-8357 for a free over the phone diagnostic and our certified technicians will help you out.  You can also set up an appointment for us come out.

What is an “Unlocked Cell Phone”?

“Unlocked” refers to a GSM (Sim Card) cell phone that has had a SIM Subsidy Lock Removed. Unlocking your GSM phone enables you to use either T-Mobile, ATT or other GSM carriers on your phone.

Do You Unlock Phones?

Yes we do. We can unlock Blackberry phones while you wait. Some phones may have a 24 hour waiting period. Call today to see if your phone can be unlocked.