Mobile Med Teks Mission

To be the leader in direct to you mobile repair in the Chicagoland market. Providing the complete mobile & tablet repair solution, delivering smart, fast, and friendly service directly to you.

About Mobile Med Teks

Mobile Med Teks was created because of how fast and advanced the telecommunication industry is growing. With that said, to keep the costs of the product down, contracts are required. Our mobile cell phone has become more than just a, “convenience”, it’s our, “lifeline”. When accidents occur, we need it either fixed or replaced and fast. If you are not eligible for an upgrade? You are looking at paying exception pricing ie: anywhere from $75 to $450 more than standard two year agreement pricing, or if you have to pay retail pricing that could be up to $650. Mobile Med Teks was founded to prevent you from going through that financial burden and inconvenience at a fraction of the cost. We prevent upgrade fees, contract extensions, and the need to purchase a new device. We will eliminate the hassle and stress and repair your device conveniently and at a cost effective price, coming directly to you! Whether at your home, work, or via mail. Our Mobile Med Teks will be Smart, Fast, and Friendly, every customer, every time.

About the founder

I’ve spent the last 15 years in the telecommunication industry being able to watch the industry grow from the, “Brick phone, to now the Iphone”. I’ve had a successful career ranging from being a Retail Sales Consultant for an indirect agent to managing a 4 million dollar a year corporate wireless store. Through the years I have developed life long relationships with customers that come to me for all their wireless needs. Everyday I would have customers, friends, and family  come to me with their broken wireless phone wanting me to provide them with a solution and, “Fast” as they desperately needed their life line. Unfortunately, the one thing I could not do is repair the device. So, my customer, which through the years had become my friend, would have to be referred to someone else,  “who would never be able to treat them as good as I would” or they would have to upgrade, pay exception upgrade / retail pricing, or use an old device that they had. All options my customers, friends and family did not want to do. Finally, after getting the question asked to me, “Why can’t you fix it? You always take great care of me”. I wanted to be able to continue to deliver an extraordinary customer experience by saying, “Yes, I can help you” being Smart, Fast, and Friendly. Mobile Med Teks Inc. CAN and WILL do that for you.